About Us

As a global and professional Notebook PC parts supplier, UK PC Part(ukpcpart.com) has been in this industry for more than 16 years, is dedicated to the business of replacement PC parts distribution.

We are a leading reseller and outsource facility that assumes the responsibility of supplementing the existing channels when they fail.

UK PC Part(ukpcpart.com) works diligently to satisfy clients' needs and requirements for notebook, desktop, server and printer parts.

Our state-of-the-art information systems will help you order parts and to track your orders.

Our sales staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and multilingual.

We supply a wide range of parts such as System Boards, Display Screen Panels, LCD Hinges, CPU fan, replacement case and covers, Notebook Keyboards, Batteries, Power Adapters, Caddies, Fusers and many more parts.